Friday, November 2, 2018


Well! Adam and I have officially been married for two weeks now, and it's pretty awesome.

I didn't expect life to feel any different once we got hitched, but it does, in the most wonderful, somewhat unexplainable way. 

I worked up until the Wednesday before our Friday wedding, and my evenings were filled with beauty treatments, like a manicure for my tiny, bitten nails and a spray tan that made my face look like an oil slick until a blessed shower. Plus, a last-minute assignment for my publishing career popped up, which was quite frenzied but also quite exciting, too! 

The day of the rehearsal dinner, Adam and his groomsman, Dale, took care of *all* the errands, which meant I got to sleep in, work out, and help set up a few decorations at the reception venue. 

As for other rehearsal highlights...

The zipper got stuck on my Rent the Runway frock, and Adam had to literally cut me out (ask me more about this sometime). I cried during our rehearsal vows. I didn't finish my delicious short ribs at dinner (which is a huge testament to my excited stomach, as I am not one to turn down red meat). Our family gave the loveliest speeches. My maid of honor, matron of honor, and I spent the night at my parents' house, where we watched The Parent Trap and sipped on champagne.

Oh, and I didn't sleep.


Which obviously made me absolutely freak out and panic.

"Have you been up all night?" My mom asked at 6:30, when she came down to the kitchen to start her tea kettle. "I woke up and saw you weren't there around 4. I was a little worried you were pulling a Runaway Bride."


My mom brewed a strong pot of coffee, warmed me up a piece of quiche, and thus, the fastest, most surreal day of my life had officially begun!  

My Most Favorite Moments of the Day
1. Seeing Adam for the first time in the courtyard of the Monastery was SO EMOTIONAL! I've never been so overwhelmed with happiness and love.
2. Walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing the faces of all our friends and family was positively cinematic. I thought my heart was going to burst from gratitude and love. 
3. Our wedding parade from the church to the reception hall was just an absolute blast, and I was so thankful the rain held out just long enough!
4. My mom helping me into my dress was just such a wonderful few moments of calm and quiet in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. It was a special time to simply soak things in together, just the two of us. 
5. Eating our dinner and looking out at the sea of guests — again, how full the heart can feel!

Biggest Surprises
1. Everyone says the day is going to fly by, and I believed them. I've been a bridesmaid a handful of times, and I know how quickly the day goes. And yet, as the actual bride, the day seemed to move at warp speed to the point where it felt surreal, almost like I wasn't even there. When the videographer and photographer showed up at noon, I remember thinking, "Why are they here? It's only—oh. Nevermind." 
2. Photos were exhausting. We had *the* most wonderful, sweetest photographers and still, I felt so tired by the end of the afternoon. It's emotionally draining having to smile for so many hours!
3. As the day progressed, my dress became quite heavy. I didn't love the feeling of wearing a corset, but I'm thankful I did considering all the weight it took off my shoulders. I can only imagine how heavy that dress would have felt without it!
4. Dancing in front of everyone was awkward (it's not like we have any fancy moves to show off!), and the song suddenly felt forever long. Luckily, once that first dance was out of the way, dancing with my dad seemed much less uncomfortable. I was a seasoned bride at that point. La-tee-dah.
5. At the reception, I'd see a person and be like, "Oh my gosh! It's so-and-so!" and get super excited, and then the next second, another wonderful friend or family member was there to say hello. It's just one joyous interaction after another with all of your favorite people in one place.

Regrets (Let's be real here — anyone who says they live their life without any regrets is full of it.)
1. I forgot a lot of things on the wedding day. For example:
  • Adam's sister made us the coolest piece of "adventure" art last summer, and I wanted to display it alongside all of our vacation photos. It was honestly the inspiration FOR the vacation photos and our guest globe, and I TOTALLY FORGOT to bring it! "Where is the piece Rachael made you?" my mom asked as we were setting up. I stared at her blankly before it finally sank in.
  • I forgot my pearl headpiece for the reception at the church. 
  • This summer, we literally had a family crest made for the purpose of displaying it at our wedding reception. I didn't even remember this until a week after our actual wedding. I mean, WHOA. 
2. I do wish I had taken the time to be creative and think up a few more personal touches and details. Our reception venue is truly extraordinary, and I was so paranoid about decorations looking cluttered or tacky, that I shied away from doing much at all.
3. I should have drank more water throughout the day rather than worrying about having to pee too often. Proper hydration probably would have helped with the photography exhaustion!

It truly was one of the best days ever, and Adam and I are just overwhelmed with love and gratitude for our parents, families, and friends. 

We still have a while before we receive any professional photographs, but here is a selfie Adam took of us during the cocktail hour, which we spent sipping champagne, gobbling down appetizers, and exclaiming, "Oh my gosh! WE ARE MARRIED!!!" about one million times. 

Oh, and here's the family crest I forgot to display, too. Enjoy. 

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