Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Clem the Model

This was how Clem and I felt last night:

We were basically models, you see. 

Since Clementine is being featured in a senior pets article at work (she's going to be a national celebrity!), my dear friend (and very talented visual journalist) Meg popped by to do a quick photoshoot for the two of us. 

She brought her photo umbrellas (there is likely a more sophisticated word for these) and everything! It was so fancy!

Do you know those friends, cousins, or classmates from your childhood that are really going places and doing great things? And you think, "Whoa. I grew up with that person"? 

Well, that's how I feel about Meg. 

She's already making such a big impact with her work (see this incredible film she produced this year that was picked up by USA Today!), and I am so proud to be her friend. 

To say I was humbled that she took the time out of her crazy schedule to photograph Clementine and my portraits would be a major understatement. 

We spent almost the entire session cracking up over the fact that Clementine is the saddest-looking dog. Even when she's wagging her tail, her face just looks so serious. I like to call her my little sphinx because of her stoic expressions and perfect sitting posture.

After innumerable attempts to make Clem smile (which is hard to do with a dog that is both blind and deaf), we took the camera outside...into the pouring rain! 

These are where my most favorite shots were taken. 

Meg, being the expert photographer that she is, crouched down beside a parked car and snapped photos of Clementine and I as we walked down the sidewalk, the yellow leaves and green ivy vibrant against the gray, evening sky. 

The photos are just...stunning.

I'll share them as soon as Meg's done with her brilliant editing work.


Thank you, Meg, for making Clem and me feel so special last night. We are so in love with the photos and are so appreciative<3


  1. Hooray for Clem - getting her taste of fame and all!


  2. I can't wait to see the photos and yay for Clem becoming a celebrity! I hope it doesn't go to her head ;)