Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Weekend Fun

What a fun few days it has been! And Halloween isn't even here yet!

Last night, we had a work "yappy" hour at my manager's brewery.

The yappy hour was the finale to a pet costume contest we've been having. It was $3.00 to enter your pet in the contest and then votes were 25¢ each. All of the money (including a portion of last night's sales at the brewery) went to the Save the Animals Foundation.

Super fun and cool, right?

Since Clem and I are BIG Pope Francis fans, I entered her in the contest as Pope Clement(ine) XV because apparently there have already been 14 popes named Clement.

Who knew?

I was so proud of my little gal for being one of the contest's winners!

Adam joined us at the yappy hour, and we had such a nice evening hanging out with my coworkers and playing with all of the different animals. We had to hold Clem most of the time since she's a bit unpredictable around other dogs, and even though our arms were sore today (she's a whopping 20 pounds, that little Clem!), it was so worth having her along for all of the fun.

Today, I wore a giant spider headband to work that my mom had bought me months ago.

As you can see in the photo below, Clem was unamused. She is not a morning person.

I had a bit of a headache by lunchtime and I kept running into weird things, but it added a festive touch to the day!

We even had a costume contest towards with end of the day, with the winner being a man dressed up (quite elaborately!) like Captain Morgan. There were definitely some very creative costumes around the building!

Since my company gets dismissed at 2 o'clock on the last Friday of each month (wiss woo!), I got an early start on the weekend and headed to Kroger for much-needed groceries.

I stocked up on Witches Brew wine—my friend introduced it to me this year, and if you liked mulled or spiced wine, I highly recommend it!—and bought all of the ingredients I'd need for a hearty beef stew.

Adam made me this cutting board. He is seriously AMAZING.
I spent my afternoon and early evening prepping the stew and giving my apartment a good cleaning. I ran bleach through the Jacuzzi jets and all!

Tonight, I plan on watching spooky movies, enjoying my cozy savory supper, drinking Witches Brew, and cuddling up with Clementine.

Eeeeep! How delightful.

Happy Halloween Weekend! :)

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