Wednesday, December 2, 2015

17 Hours without an iPhone

Last night, I was enjoying my evening bath when my mum called.

The two of us spent about fifteen minutes catching up on our days and talking about:

  • Her quest for another set of the same curtains she had purchased six years ago ("Futile," I told her)
  • How my little brother had somehow received a good grade on his most recent school paper
  • Bejeweled jean jackets 

We said our goodbyes and love yous, and I reached over to set my phone on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub.

Except it slipped out of my hands.

And plunged into the water!

I must admit, my first instinct was not panic.

After all, I had hibiscus tea in my system, and I was sitting in a warm bath full of bubbles.

Instead, I felt very blasé, simply retrieving my drenched iPhone off the tub floor, drying it with a towel, and then burying it in a bag of basmati.

About fifteen minutes later though, panic set it.

I can't afford a new iPhone right now! If this phone doesn't survive, I'm doomed!

Either way, for the next seventeen hours—for better or for worse—I was to be without a phone.

The following are my observations.

My evening was much more productive. Obviously.

I was able to actually focus and enjoy the things I was doing. Instead of posting an Instagram photo of the cute teapot my grandma recently bought me, I savored the warm tea (and did so without constant interruptions of checking how many "likes" I was receiving). 
Photo I would have taken and posted last night, had I had access to a phone.
I actually paid attention during an entire TV show. 

I missed talking to Adam before bedtime.

I liked not staring at a screen while scrolling through Facebook and Instagram right before bed.

I was very scared going to sleep last night knowing I wouldn't be able to call anyone if there was an emergency.

The good news is, when I excavated my iPhone from the basmati this afternoon, it was mostly functional.

My home button is broken, but I can live with that.

Lessons learned?

Turn my phone off occasionally and enjoy the moment.

And do not ever bring an electronic into the Jacuzzi tub again.


  1. Oh my gosh!! I'm glad your phone works for the most part, but wow…what an excellent reminder. That silly phone! I use the excuse of, "oh I'm home alone all day, it's the only interaction" or "My husband needs to call me" but truth? That phone is such a distraction. What a good reminder! And what a beautiful way of writing about it.

  2. Gosh Jenna, I'm so glad that except for the home button, your poor phone has survived! I'm so guilty of sometimes bringing my phone with me when I take a bath, but after reading about your experience I think I'll leave it safely in my living room next time! And I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote about being phone-less - sometimes being away from tech is so agreeable. Hope you'll enjoy your jacuzzi even without your phone ;)

  3. EEK! I would have some similar feelings. A week or so ago I left my phone at home accidentally. It was a great reminder to unplug. I feel like I am more attached to my laptop then my phone though since I only got a smart phone after I graduated college...crazy parents who think phones should be just that phones.