Sunday, December 6, 2015

One Spectacular Sunday

As much as I love lazy Sundays, today was just about the exact opposite of that! In a great way!

10:15am: My mum picks me up curbside from my apartment.

10:17am: My mum reveals that she's brought along a St. Nick's stocking for me. Isn't that amazing? Still getting a stocking from your parents at age 25? And look at what was all inside! From a Starbucks gift card to a bottle of champagne, I was beyond merry and bright.

10:30am: We attend mass downtown. The advent wreath always makes me so happy, and we had a nice sermon today.

11:30am: Time for brunch! I order this sassy grits, eggs, and pork loin dish. It was definitely eclectic, but I eat just about every last bit.

12:30pm: We continue to sip on our coffee and black tea respectively.

12:40pm: We took a stroll through a contemporary arts museum. We both pretended to understand and appreciate the works of art, but they were all a bit too edgy and over our heads. We nodded politely/intelligently beside each as if this was not the case.

1:00pm: Time for White Christmas at the Aronoff!
2:30pm: Whoa that was a long first act. And was this really the plot line? We expected more.

3:30pm: The play has ended with a jazzy Christmas number and fake snow falling from the ceiling. The sort-of boring plot line seems suddenly worth it. Plus, the choreography and costumes were just beautiful.

3:45pm: We saunter around the Christmas Market on Cincinnati's Fountain Square. There are only beer, hot cocoa, and sausage booths in addition to dream catchers and incense for sale. We are disappointed.

4:00pm: I arrive home. I eat some cheese. I vacuum. I eat some chocolate.

4:30pm: I stop eating random items and head to Adam's.

5:30pm: We celebrate Adam's grandpa's 94th birthday with a nice dinner of scallops and stuffed mushrooms. The food is delicious, and we spend lots of time laughing about weird things Adam did as a child.

7:30pm: We leave dinner and decide to drive around the nearby neighborhoods, admiring all of the holiday displays and lights.

8:00pm: Adam drives us through a DRIVE-THRU NATIVITY (!!!) in the neighborhood he grew up in. We see donkeys, a camel, sheep, and children dressed up as biblical characters. It's kind of amazing.

8:30pm: We stop at R.E.I. so we can exchange the purple jacket Adam bought me for a bigger size. My new jacket is soft and cozy. I am happy.

9:00pm: We arrive home. I do some editing work and eat Reese's Pieces.

10:43pm: We turn on Bill Murray's Christmas special on Netflix.


Busy Sunday, right?

Here is wishing everyone a happy, productive, and wonderful week!!!

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  1. It sounds like you had a busy but seriously amazing day! :)