Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

As Adam sits on the family room floor taking apart the vacuum cleaner (pine needle incident), I am sitting at his antique desk, penning my 2016 resolutions.

I am really not opposed to being a cliché. Some clichés I quite like!

I am also sitting here with much shorter, much darker hair. I love it, and it makes me feel weird. All at once. Just as a new hairstyle should do.

The photo above is right after my appointment, when it was beautifully curled and styled. Basically, it's a sort of ombré/balayage look that will be easier for me to maintain. It was getting expensive keeping up with my highlights.


Onwards to my 2016 resolutions.

1. Appreciate what I have and where I'm at. I'm the absolute worst about living in the future. And while this sort of mindset can be a great motivator, it means I don't take appreciate the present. Which really isn't cool or healthy.
I already have this adorable sassy why do I troll Pinterest for Bernedoodle puppies?
2. Be more of a hermit. Weird, I know, but I'd like to set aside Friday evenings as my sort of "recharge" night. Whether that means reading a good book, doing some writing, or simply coloring, I believe a relaxing night in would serve my body, spirit, and bank account well.
3. Post less on social media. Gah, I'm the worst about this! I spend too much time take the perfect photo and too little time enjoying the moment. Classic millennial move.

4. Stop eating when I'm bored or just because something looks good. 

5. Get way more sleep. Also known as the "Turn off Netflix/close that book and go to bed! It's 1:30am" resolution.
This is my amazing bed! How am I not spending more time in it?!
6. Schedule regular appointments with my therapist. In addition to general anxiety, I have pretty awful existential anxiety. It's the existential anxiety that sends me into panic attacks and is the most crippling. I'm making my mental health a priority this year.

7. Begin seriously saving for a house. Noisy neighbors and creepy basement laundry areas are getting old.

8. See how many days in a row I can go to the gym (I'm at two right off to a good start, right?). I'm the Queen of "I Can't Go to the Gym Because..." Kingdom, and I need some sort of challenge to keep me going!

9. Be more helpful. You want to know something awful? Adam often makes us dinner and cleans up. This started when I was still in grad school and my evenings were spent either at class or doing schoolwork. But it's continued after, and I need to be better about stepping up and helping out. Having said all of that, how amazing is Adam?
Standard supper prepared by Adam.
Happy 2016! Here is hoping to a happy, healthy, exciting year full of all sorts of adventures!

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  1. Happy 2016 Jenna! May it bring you everything you are wishing for, and then some :) I loved reading your resolutions, and I'll definitely cheer you on as you tackle each and every one! My own goals are quite lofty and scary this year, but so far it's been a great motivation. One of my biggest priorities this year is my health - it fell completely to the wayside last year (what with all the insane workload and apartment renovation), and I'm determined to be a lot better about it this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, and pretty please, could you have your Adam cloned and sent my way? I could use a decent, kind guy around here :))
    Happy Monday my dear friend!