Monday, January 25, 2016

My Kind of Guy

Tonight, I was having a stellar workout.

I scored a treadmill in front of a TV, and what should be playing on the Oxygen network? Sex and the City!
The LADIES!!! <3
A coworker saw what was playing and immediately hopped on the treadmill beside me.

"I'm so excited this is on right now!" I told her, deeming this comment important enough to remove my headphones and interrupt both of our workouts for. "It makes me so happy!"

She joyfully agreed, and the two of us power-walked in harmony over the next 45 minutes or so.

I was able to walk faster and at a higher incline...all because I was so excited to be watching a fun show! I can only imagine how many calories I was burning!

My walking buddy hopped off her treadmill shortly before the end of the second episode.

And a man hopped on.

Oh no! I thought. He is going to change the channel on me! That jerk! If I could count the times I've had to do my workout to ESPN...

The ball was totally in his court. The remote was closest to him, and hello, Sex and the City was playing as well as every woman-related commercial you can imagine. Vagisil. Pregnancy tests. It was like female overload discussing every remotely embarrassing female issue.

I mean, this was the Oxygen network and all.


Major, major kudos to this guy because for nearly 15 minutes, he ran at a smooth stride, not once letting on that he may be bored or even feeling awkward over my television show of choice.

Seriously. Not even a slight sideways glance. Nothing.

Apparently, chivalry is alive and well, and you can find it at the work gym.


  1. I feel the same way at the gym. The other week, Food Network was on and I can watch Pioneer Woman forever. I have on occasion gone to the gym Friday night to power walk during TLC Friday Bride-day.

  2. That's awesome. I love that he didn't change it!

  3. Hooray for female empowerment - and guys who aren't remote control hungry! :P


  4. Unbelievable! Chivalry at its best form! It really makes me hopeful for the future of mankind :) Happy Friday Jenna!