Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tumultuous Tuesday

What a day of ups and downs!

This morning, I got to work from home for a few hours before my dentist appointment, which was total bliss.

At 7am, I sat down at my dining room table and opened my laptop. The sunshine was streaming through the windows, and my yellow curtains made the effect especially happy and bright. I brewed a pot of hazelnut cream coffee, and Clem nestled into her bed beside my feet.
Gus moseyed in around 8 o'clock.

"Well, well, well! Look who decided to show up for work," I pretended to scold him.

Except Gus is super sensitive and got really bashful and ashamed, so I had to remind him I was only teasing.
My morning glory was short-lived because at 9:45, it was time to venture to the dentist.


I hate, hate, hate the dentist.

I think and worry and dread going for days before my appointment.

Today, I had an appointment with a new dentist (Adam's family dentist), so I was hopeful but maybe even a little more anxious. For all I knew, this DDS would be worse than my previous one, who always found problems in my mouth and then would boast about all of the fancy things he was buying.

More than a little suspicious, if you ask me.

I'll bet my million fillings and crown funded some of those purchases, Dr. Distrustful.


I arrived a bit early for my appointment and filled out the new patient paperwork. Under the section where they ask about any medical conditions they should be aware of, I wrote all shouty, "I HAVE A CROWN!"

You see, one of my biggest fears is that dumb crown falling out, especially during the scraping part of a dental cleaning.

My dental hygienist came out and could not have been any friendlier.

"Are you from Cin—" she began to ask.

"IamsonervousbecauseIhatethedentist,andI'mjustreally,really,reallyanxiousrightnow!!!" I interrupted her, my voice hurried and panicked.

She smiled, "That's okay. I'll talk you through everything."

And she did!

She explained everything she was doing to my mouth along with a scientific explanation and why it was important. For the first time in years, I felt my anxiety in that dentist chair melt away.

Sure, the scraping part is still uncomfortable, but the hygienist was gentler and didn't make it feel as bad.

When the dentist came in to visit me, he said my teeth were beautiful and strong. He told me to floss more often and said they'd see me in six months.

How easy was that?*

I was practically walking on sunshine as I drove to work. I called my mom on the way and reported how my new DDS practice rocked and bragged about my cavity-free mouth.

My jolly good mood quickly faded when I pulled into the parking garage at work.

Every. Single. Spot. Was. Taken.

I circled around the garage for 25 MINUTES along with four other cars looking for a spot.

Finally, finally, we all found spots on the very bottom basement level. Which is incredibly scary and creepy since you have no cellphone service down there, and there is obviously no sunlight.

My workday continued without any further inconveniences, and I even fit in a workout at the end of the day. I wasn't in the gym for as long as I'd have liked, but I don't think I'm feeling quite back to 100% after yesterday's stomach troubles.

I drove home and warmed up some leftover P.F. Chang's lettuce wraps, which was mecca from the heavens, of course.

"This day is finishing off strong!" I declared to Gus and Clem and Adam. "Now you guys can watch me try on my Bean Boots."
Ah yes, did I mention how I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a pair of L.L. Bean Boots?

Giddily, I opened the cardboard box and beheld their hand-sewn-in-Maine beauty.

I slid my foot inside.

Too easily.

Despite my thorough sizing research, I had made the ultimate mistake and ordered my Bean Boots too big.

"Do they fit okay?" Adam asked, surely sensing the terror beginning to show in my eyes.

"I mean, boots are supposed to be a little big!" I said quickly. "To fit knit socks...right? RIGHT???"

"They shouldn't be too big. Or else you'll get blisters or hurt yourself," Adam said, reasonable as ever. "Do your feet slide in them?"

Oh, God, yes. They slid all over the place.

I wanted to sob.

So now I'll be returning these beautiful, beautiful boots and exchanging them for a smaller pair.

I believe it's time to pour myself a glass of wine and end this rollercoaster Tuesday on a relaxing note. My emotions could certainly use a break.

*God, I love Ina Garten.


  1. I love hazlenut coffee. I've been in and out of orthodontists and dentists since I was a kid so I'm never usually nervous. I had a pretty traumatizing mouth surgery as a kid so I figure if I can do that, the dentist should be a walk in the park lol. It definitely helps to have a nice hygienist and dentist. The place I go to now, they're awesome. Ah, that reminds me. My sister wants a pair of L.L Bean Boots. She had asked for a pair. Thanks for the reminder. That will be a good gift idea for her this year.

  2. I love my dentist and fear the doctor's office. I think since the dentist can only find something wrong with my teeth and after years of orthodontia it's not so scary but the doctor can find all sorts of things wrong. I do travel two hours to my parent's house though in order to see my dentist since I have trust issues and my dentist+hygienist are the best. I'm sad about your bean boots! I personally don't think they are practical here in the South but my parents both have pairs since they lived in NH. Jess at Just Jess