Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rock that Frock

This summer, I had a dress made by a very lovely seamstress.

My first piece of couture was completed just about a week and a half ago.
Isn't it pretty? It's so fun and flouncy and bouncy.

"Would you ever wear it to work?" One of my coworkers asked.

"Sure! Maybe!" I laughed, definitely not serious.

But last night, as I was choosing my outfit for today, I thought, Why not rock that frock? 

Since my seamstress made the dress two separate pieces, I decided to pair the purple, tulle skirt with a button-up shirt.

Fairy princess meets Meg Ryan à la Kate & Leopold meets Carrie Bradshaw meets career woman.

"Whoa! Heading to the prom?" Adam asked this morning.

"Is it too much?" I replied, beginning to have doubts as I stared at my giant, poufy skirt in the bedroom mirror.

He smiled and shook his head, "Nope. Not for you. You look very pretty."

I know I say it a lot, but Adam really is the greatest.

So I grabbed my lunch bag and car keys and headed out the door.

Driving to work was a little difficult as the tulle took up most of the front seat.

I sat in my car a few minutes once I arrived at work, suddenly anxious all over again.

Would people think I was a total weirdo? Or perhaps that I desperate for attention? Or a total weirdo desperate for attention?

Rock that frock, I reminded myself.

I took a deep breath and exited the Corolla, my gym bag slung over my shoulder and as much confidence as I could muster in my step.

An older woman was exiting the elevators, coming from the hotel next door, and she gasped.

"I love it!" she said, pointing to my skirt.

Her adult daughter smiled at me, "You look really pretty."

Those gals gave me the final bit of confidence I needed to walk into work.

And the day couldn't have gone better!
Coworkers I am friends with and coworkers who are total strangers alike all complimented my skirt.

No one was mean or made fun of me (at least not to my face). And no one seemed to think I was a total weirdo desperate for attention.

It actually ended up being a very fun day.

I mean, it's kind of hard to let anything at work get you too stressed out when you're wearing a huge, tulle skirt, you know?

So while I don't think I'll be wearing the ensemble again anytime soon (bathroom trips were a bit tricky and a tulle skirt isn't the most comfortable thing to wear for 10 hours), I'm happy I set aside my fears and rocked my frock.

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  1. In love, in love, in love with everything about that dress! You look unbelievable!