Thursday, September 1, 2016



Happy September, guys and gals!

I always look forward to September 1st as I consider it the unofficial start of the autumn season.

And Cincinnati did not disappoint.

The weather was absolutely spectacular—we're talking temperatures in the mid-70s, low humidity, and blue skies.
Since Adam and I both work downtown, we met up at lunchtime at Smale Park.
We walked through the gardens and glided away on the swings, looking out on the river as steamboats paddled by.

It was really lovely.
After work, I popped by the UPS Store and shipped off my too-big Bean Boots and then visited Ulta for new foundation. After those two errands, I made a stop at Target to grab some deodorant, a new alarm clock (Adam says my current one is too bright, I say his eyes are too sensitive), and another fall-scented candle (because you can't ever be too stocked up, right?).

I came home and practically sprinted to the bathroom cabinet where my stockpile of candles lives. I pulled out one of my most favorite—Heirloom Pumpkin—and fired it up.

Oh, how I cannot wait for the weather to cool down and go apple picking and carve pumpkins and eat shepherd's pie and...

Well. You get the point.

I'm an autumn kind of girl.


  1. Cheers to fall-scented candles - they're my absolute favorite!


  2. I seriously am so happy for you!! I love following your life and hearing about your days. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! (PS I could not bring myself to buy a pumpkin at the farmers market yesterday, just not ready quite yet!!LOL)