Saturday, September 3, 2016

Things I Did This Morning

I was out of bed by 8:30am, which may not sound especially impressive, but considering I can sleep until noon quite easily...this was good for me.

And then! I even made the bed.
I let the dogs outside and fed them. They were pleased.

I threw on yoga pants and a t-shirt and decided to head to the gym. I was proud of myself for not putting any makeup on. While I have no problem going into public with makeup-less eyes, I'm really self-conscious about my skin (which is red and splotchy). So choosing to go makeup-free was a good step forward for me!

The weather was absolutely perfect though, so instead of driving to the gym, I headed toward my neighborhood park.

I felt quite rugged hiking in the woods.
I forgot how much fun it is to jump over logs and shimmy through narrow paths. Plus, every hiker I passed was really friendly.

Well. Excluding one couple who was actually running through the forrest. I had to jump out of their way! That's how fast they came at me!

And they did not even apologize.

The woman did have the most stellar six-pack I'd ever seen, though. You probably have to run in a somewhat inconsiderate manner to maintain a physique like that.

She was likely thinking, "Get out of my way, Girl Moseying Through the Woods While Listening to the P.S. I Love You Soundtrack!"

And of course, right when I made it to the part of the trail that leads to the cliff overlook, I was blocked by employees of the park who were cutting down trees.

But that's okay. The fun is in the journey, not the destination, right?

After my outdoorsy endeavors, I ventured back to my comfort zone: shopping.

I picked up a photo order I've been letting sit for a bit too long (I swear, it's my easiest errands that I procrastinate the most!), and I walked through a resale shop and Michael's, admiring artwork and jewelry at the former and Halloween decorations at the latter.
This was one of the pictures I picked up today. It's from our Pacific Northwest trip, and THAT WATERFALL IS REAL!
I stopped into HomeGoods and smelled a bunch of soaps without buying any. I also found one of those glass dome/base pieces that I really loved. This glass dome sat on a copper base, and I daydreamed about all of the sweets I could bake and set inside.

Since I deep-cleaned the bathroom last night, I decided I deserved a long bath this afternoon, so off to Ulta I went for a calming face mask.

Not only did I found a good face mask, I also ended up with bubble bath and a cherry-shaped lip balm! How did I not know about this Tony Moly brand? Love, love, love!
And now, I am opening up my Whole Foods lunch from the hot bar and planning on watching some Sex and the City before sending out a few more query letters this afternoon.
I hope everyone's long weekend is off to a nice start!

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  1. Ooh your Whole Foods lunch looks divine! They just opened a HomeGoods a couple of miles from my house - I'm dying to pop inside!