Monday, September 25, 2017

A List of Everything I Accomplished Today

1. I packed a well-balanced lunch before heading off to work, which included yogurt, grapes, a turkey sandwich, a garden-fresh tomato, and Quaker "Popped" Rice Snacks (they were Creamy Ranch flavor).

2. I drank 88 ounces of water. And I continue to drink as I write this post.

3. We officially reserved our wedding photographer, and she is just wonderful.

4. Regarding point three, I made my credit card go, "Dude, settle down. It's 2 o'clock on a Monday afternoon."

5. I WORKED OUT DURING THE LUNCH HOUR! This was a huge win for me!!! With my brother's wedding in a mere 12 days, and wedding dress shopping in 26, I finally found the motivation I needed to get back to the gym. The Universe rewarded me by having Four Weddings playing on TLC.

6. I made two return stops after work: the first at Francesca's Collections and the second at Target.

7. I spent all of the money I was refunded (and then some) at Ulta. Purchases included Saint Tropez Tanning Mousse for aforementioned brother's wedding.

8. I finally, finally, FINALLY got a new set of tires following a phone call with my mom that ended with something to the effect of "hope you don't blow a tire on the highway." Panic ensued. Adam called the tire place and scored me a deal. The Corolla and I are much happier.

9. My credit card was further enraged.

10. So I went home and bought a new pair of Pumas. Because I got blisters today from my two-year-old gym shoes.

11. My credit card audibly sighed.

12. I caught a photo of Clementine sitting in the cutest position ever. She's seriously so adorable.

13. I made myself a mug of tea and read AKR's Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life in a rose-and-sandalwood-scented bubble bath.

14. I bring library books into the bathtub even though my parents always told me not to.

15. Adam hung up the piece of art his sister made us for our engagement. I think it looks spectacular.

16. I walked almost 15,000 steps today. Proof of a day well-lived.

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