Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This Is Us: S2 E1 Recap

Last night, I walked to Rachel's house around 8 o'clock.

The evening's itinerary included taking a dip in her new hot tub and then drying off in time to watch the season premiere of This Is Us.

Naturally, once we opened a bottle of wine and got to chatting, we lost track of time and decided to skip the show entirely.

And let me tell you, having just finished watching last night's episode, I am very glad I watched this one solo.


We are talking red face, heart hurting, tears streaming down my face sobs.

Shall we recap the journey?

Spoilers ahead.

I believe tears first welled up in my eyes when Jack and Rebecca picked the kids up from their sleepover and had to discuss *the break* with them.

Why did they choose a diner for this discussion? We'll probably never know. But if I was one of the Pearson triplets, I'd likely never be able to enjoy greasy, griddle food again.

After that difficult scene, the show started to steer away from the gut-wrenching stuff and more into everyday stresses and annoyances.

Toby getting frustrated with Kate and Kevin's obnoxious codependency (Who could blame him??? Toby is the third wheel in that relationship for sure).

Sweet, perfect Randall straight-up pressuring Beth into adopting a third child (and yet, remaining totally adorable and likable despite this because he is Randall Pearson, and he is lovely).

Sophie having to miss her flight for Kevin's birthday. Snooze. Boring. I'm so uninvested in that relationship.

Kate skipping her audition because she is scared.

Miguel setting up the sofa couch for Jack.

All pretty standard for the Pearson family.

I felt my chest getting tight a few times here and there, but I was mostly keeping my cool.

"Ha. Just wait," I imagine Dan Fogelman grinning, as he waited for viewers to experience the total sob fest he had created.

So then, Beth (who is as cool, confident, and sharp as they come) takes Randall to a park and says if they're going to do this adoption thing, they're going big. She says they should take in an older child who no one wants.


After that? We see Rebecca knock on Miguel's door. She has come to speak to Jack, to tell him that he should come home. She says things like "this isn't us" and talks about how they aren't quitters. They will get through this.

Jack tells Rebecca she doesn't know him.

He *does* have a drinking problem.




"I have to deal with this on my own," he essentially tells Rebecca, gently shutting the door as viewer hearts' explode.

The screen goes black. Followed by more knocks.

Rebecca isn't going to let him go this alone! She says he is her husband, and she is his wife, and they will deal with his problem together. She even tells Jack to think about where they will be in a few months' time and how this will all seem so far behind them.

"Whew! It's all going to be fine," naive viewers like me surely start to think, breathing sighs of relief. "Rebecca Pearson has got this under control."

Flash forward a few months in time.

Randall (and a girlfriend? She's cute! Go Randall!) are crying on a sofa. Kate is clutching a dog and crying beside them. Kevin is off making out with Sophie, oblivious to all of this because he is the worst.

We see beautiful Mandy Moore, all decked out in her Pittsburgh Steelers gear, driving the Jeep down a darkened street. It's eerily similar to how we have just seen her, except instead of Jack in the passenger seat, there is a zip-top bag of his things, including his wedding ring and wallet.

WHAT IN THE WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

My heart has started to pound at this point. Thump, thump thump. The tears have sprung forth from my eyes.

But This Is Us isn't done yet. Oh no.

Because then we see the Pearson's house completely burned down to the frames with caution tape everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy Moore screams and sobs.

"Noooooooo!!!" I sob, equally as hard, into my fur throw pillow, making our dogs start to whine and grow anxious.

Adam is out for a friend's birthday. I text him that I just need to hug him.

He knows I am watching This Is Us, and responds that he loves me. Because he knows exactly what I need to hear after Milo and Mandy tear my heart out every week.

Doesn't he look like Jack Pearson? Am I just trying to make "fetch" happen?


As usual, This Is Us has totally outdone themselves.

I now need to pour myself a glass of chardonnay and apply bags of frozen vegetables to my swollen face.

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