Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I lasted 3.5 days.

That social media cleanse of mine?

It lasted approximately 3.5 days.

How sad city is that?
My weekend without social media was actually sort of nice. I was only concerned with my own plans and business and enjoyed not scrolling through other friends' photos and thinking, "Well, shoot! That sounds come we aren't doing that?"

What wasn't so great though? Running into a colleague on Monday morning and asking about her sick dog, only to discover he had passed a few days prior. Which I would have known had I been on Facebook.

Ugh. I felt so stupid.

When I logged into my accounts that afternoon, I found several Facebook messages about a few different events I was attending this upcoming weekend.

I also had missed an engagement and two babies.

All of these things made me realize that maybe at least a little social media is important.

So instead of giving it up cold turkey, I'm going to try setting aside half an hour each evening to scroll through my newsfeed and catch up on the day's events and any messages I've received.

That way, I can avoid my compulsive phone checking ways but not miss any major news.

Social media cleanse round I go!

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