Thursday, April 14, 2016


Today (merp—since it's technically after midnight, yesterday) could be summed up in one word: thankful.

All sorts of happy things happened today.

My coworker brought in donuts (I got a chocolate one with cream filling). My company had its bonus announcement. My class at church tonight was relaxing and inspiring.  I made a quick run to Kroger and filled my cart with some fun new beauty products and fancy bottled water. When I arrived home around 10, I enjoyed a glass of red wine and caught up on my HBO shows.

But my most favorite part of the day was lunchtime yoga. And it's the biggest reason why why I'm feeling so thankful tonight.
My company is incredible and offers amazing benefits.

One of these benefits is a completely free and absolutely stunning fitness center, complete with a masseuse and a variety of workout classes.

I hadn't been to a yoga class in years and went today with a few coworkers during our lunch hour.

The class made me stretch and bend in ways I hadn't for quite some time. It made me sweat and power through a few difficult poses. It made me giggle as my coworker and I exchanged bemused glances when we would topple over. It made me sore and happy.

It made me feel more relaxed than I have in years.


So tonight as I fall asleep, I can't stop thinking about how crazy thankful I am.

To work for such a caring and progressive company. To have colleagues that are close friends. To laugh so often throughout my day.

Thankful, thankful, thankful.

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