Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Swimsuit Revolution

When I turned 14, I grew hips.

A wideeeee set of hips, handed down to me from my mom.

But while I've always thought my mom's hips looked beautiful and fabulous on her 5'9", slender frame, mine felt big and awkward on my much shorter and much squatter build.

I dreaded bathing suit shopping every year and absolutely hated actually having to wear one.

I would keep my sarongs tightly around my waist or plunge into the water for safety as soon as possible.

The magnificent Modcloth changed this all for me a few years ago.

If you haven't checked out their bathing suit collection and are searching for a new one, head over to their website immediately.

As I discovered two summers ago, Modcloth has a variety of swimsuits to suit everyone's taste, style, and body shape. My first suit from Modcloth was a black one piece with a giant pink bow across the chest. There was a subtle cut-out beneath the bust that gave the suit a more mature look, and my gosh...that suit was so flattering.

I can remember sitting on the dock at my friend's lake house and finally feeling feminine, beautiful, and comfortable for the first time in 10 years.

Pretty wonderful, right?

Last night, I placed my summer 2016 bathing suit order, and it includes the following suits.

The first reminds me of something a Grecian goddess would wear. It's whimsical, pretty, and very different.
Isn't the one strap lovely? And the soft purple paired with the watercolor pattern?

Swoon city.

The second suit is simple and sporty.

I love the type across the bust, and I think this suit will be perfect for swimming on lake trips or jumping over Lake Michigan's wild waves.

Thank you, Modcloth, for making bathing suits that show off the beauty of all body types and make women feel comfortable in their skin.

<3 <3 <3

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  1. Those suits are adorable! I will have to check out Modcloth before I attend a Bachelorette beach weekend in May.