Sunday, February 21, 2016

In Fine Form

This past week was a stellar one.

I cooked with ginger root for the first time last Monday (...and learned that you need to chop the pieces really small to avoid your mouth feeling like its on fire). I had really great workouts. And I wore a pair of pants that was so roomy, I could grab bunches of the fabric in my hand at once!

This weekend was so beautiful, with warm temperatures and sunny skies, that I moved my workouts outdoors. Walking with Adam and Gus around the neighborhood was much more fun than my usual gym workout in front of HGTV.
 We walked 5 miles today! 
I mean, I love watching HGTV and all, but soaking up some vitamin D alongside your handsome boyfriend and his cute dog is definitely preferable.

As for some challenges, I'm struggling to get back on my healthy-eating wagon on Sunday. It's been falling to Monday for a while now, and I wish I had an easier time leaving the indulgences of Friday and Saturday behind.

For example, I'm eating Starbursts and spoonfuls of Cookie Butter right now while watching The Mindy Project.

There is definitely room for improvement.


The number on the scale this week was pretty ahhhmazing.

Drumroll please...

I'm down 16 pounds!

:) :) :)

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