Monday, February 22, 2016

A Walgreens' Run

Few things make me feel more cosmopolitan than a quick run to Walgreens after work.

I always think of scenes like the one from He's Just Not That Into You where Drew Barrymore and Scarlet Johansson are discussing boy troubles as they toss various beauty products into their baskets. Or moments like when Carrie and Miranda point out the troubling facts regarding female Halloween costumes in their urban drug store.
Just a few city girls.
Movies and television have taught me that important conversations and life events happen in city drug stores as opposed to the neighborhood Target.

Today, I stopped into my local Walgreens, grabbed a basket, and took my time walking up and down the aisles.

I bought the following items.

Dog treats and bones for Clem since I've been giving her Goldfish crackers and Trader Joe's popcorn the past few days, and she is so over it.
I know Pup-Peroni is kind of like dog junk food, but Clem is old and can eat what she wants.
Hairspray (I was completely out! Ah!), a new volumizer (I actually bought a L'Oréal volumizing mousse recently, but it smells awful!), and deodorant.

Lots of nice-smelling stuff since Clem has been sassily having accidents all over the apartment, and I can't rent a rug-cleaning machine until next week. Blah, gross. And Clem still has the nerve to act indignant when I close her off on the tiled floor each morning before work. You've lost your carpet privileges, Clementine.

And finally, a cheap bottle of red wine.

So while my Walgreens is a bit dirty and the cashiers are generally not very nice, I will continue to relish in these trips.

Because being able to walk to a place where I can buy dog supplies, beauty products, candles, and wine is pretty darn cool to a girl who grew up in the burbs.

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  1. I love how many treasures you can find in drugstores like Walgreens!