Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Weekend

How is it already Sunday night? Where do the weekends go?

Friday evening, I redeemed my offer for a free Chipotle burrito (tried out the sofritas for the first time...not bad!) and spent the night working on Adam's Valentine's Day gift.

In addition to buying him his favorite candy and writing a card, I made Adam a shadow box of our Michigan trip. I included rocks I had collected from the beach, photos, an antique booklet about Michigan that Adam had bought me the first year we were dating, and a poem I wrote about our trip.
This is the card I bought Adam from Etsy. You can buy it here!
I was quite pleased with the end result!

Saturday morning, I headed to the gym despite the -4°F windchill (which was a real test of my willpower). That afternoon, we celebrated my cousin and her soon-to-be-here baby at a family shower.

I made it over to Adam's by 5, and we got right to work on beginning our Valentine's Day celebration!

We made homemade pizzas (chicken, bacon, ranch and veggie pesto) and exchanged gifts.
Adam loved his shadow box and hung it up right away—hurrah! Success!

I received a box of Aglamesis chocolates (in a perfect heart-shaped box, swoon) and a pair of earrings.

I was so surprised by the earrings and am a bit obsessed with them. From far away, they look like an abstract pattern, but as you get closer, you see that they're flowers, with different color buds. They're very happy.
Valentine's Day Eve Family Photo. Clem looking angry, as usual.
We watched the Valentine's Day episodes of our favorite shows, like 30 Rock and The Office, and snacked on our finished pizzas, which turned out way too doughy thanks to too much yeast. Whoops.

This morning, I headed to 10:15am mass followed by trips to Trader Joe's and Kroger.

At Kroger, the associate gave me several pieces of candy in honor of Valentine's Day—isn't that lovely?

By the time I arrived home and had put all of my groceries away, it had started to snow pretty heavily.
Nearly six hours later, the snow is still coming down hard! My evening commitment has been canceled, and instead, I'm watching Bridget Jones and missing Adam.


I know Valentine's Day is a made-up holiday, but I still wish we could spend tonight together. Even though my event was canceled, with lots of snow on the ground, seeing Adam just isn't going to happen.

So instead, I'll hug Clementine to me tight and enjoy my Cookie Butter.
Goodness this Cookie Butter is good.

Too good.

Wishing everyone a warm, safe, and happy week ahead!


  1. Awww...I'm sorry your Valentine's Day didn't go as planned. Distance makes the heart grow fonder?

    Cheers to Clem cuddles and Cookie Butter!


  2. I've never made a shadow box, I'd love to see yours!! That pizza looks delicious and I cannot even buy that cookie butter because I can't control myself!! Glad your weekend was lovely--but sorry you couldn't see your love yesterday xo

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your V-day didn't go as you wished, but you still got to enjoy your early celebration, and that one sounded so lovely to me! I mean, homemade pizzas and thoughtful gifts - what could be better? Those earrings sound especially lovely!