Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Perfect Day Off

Today was the most perfect day off.

Here are the things I did.

7:30am: Drove to my parents' house to do laundry. While I was there, I did my daily workout. Using your parents' treadmill in the privacy of your childhood basement is much nicer than working out at a crowded gym.

11:00am: Met with my accountant and filed my taxes.

11:01am: I feel so adult saying "my accountant."

11:30am: Returned to my parents' to gather my laundry and play with Ellie before venturing back to the city.

12:00pm: I arrived home and sorted my laundry. I put new sheets on the bed and cleaned my room. What a fresh and wonderful feeling!

1:00pm: Ate leftover Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter & Sage.

1:15pm: Clementine and I walked to the pet supply shop. It's normally a 15-minute walk, but Clem moves at the speed of molasses. I let her sniff around and choose a handful of new bones. The associate gave her a treat! So sweet.

2:00pm: We arrived at Washington Park. The dog park was completely empty! Clem didn't know what to do with herself.

2:45pm: Back home again! I opened a novel. Clem retreated to the bedroom for a long nap.

3:00pm: I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was tired, too. I joined Clem for an afternoon snooze.

5:00pm: We awoke and decided to go outside for a short walk.

5:30pm: I made dinner, embarrassingly it was a Smart Ones supper because a frozen meal just sounded so darn good tonight. I'm ashamed.

The rest of the night: Reading and wining, maybe an episode or two of The Goldbergs.

There are few things most satisfying than a productive yet relaxing day off during the work week.

I feel so refreshed!

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  1. OMG Clem - her face is just the sweetest! And Ellie is a cutie!

    Now I want to take my pup, Jake, to the pet supply store and let him choose a few goodies for himself {I usually choose them for him}.